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connectCONNECT - ProAct Traders Info Center

EASY ONE CLICK ACCESS that sits on your desktop  with quick links to the most important stuff on the website inlcuding "Heads Up Alerts" to anything we see developing.  LR= LIVE ROOM SUBSCRIBERS ONLY



  • Critical videos in the video library
  • NY session and beginner training rooms direct links to log in to the room
  • Our blog
  • Chart patterns  - a quick reference guide to help you identify these powerful patterns
  • Today’s fundamental announcements ( fundies) - What times to NOT TRADE
  • Refer a friend ( get cash here)  and….
  • INFO WATCHER with audible alerts (we post trading ideas here at all hours).
  • Streaming news feeds
  • Screenshot Capture tool ( take a snapshot of your trade when you make it to review later)
  • You can even check our accuracy by reviewing previous IC trade ideas  - LR
  • Session Recap - heads up alerts recapped live in the previous session will be sent via the Info Center - LR
  • Cell phone Alerts  - LR
  • Email alerts  - LR




You must log off each day to reconnect to the server for the latest room login!



Note: We  must establish an account for each one of you before the tool will work. 

Infor Center

checkmark Note: if you are upgrading to a newer version you MUST UNINSTALL the previous version in your control Panel FIRST and save you login info!

Step 1: There is a link below that will allow you to download the file and then you will need to run that install.   Once this is done you will need to reboot your computer and you will be ready.

Download here



Step 2: You should be able to launch the program and it should save your old password etc.

Step 3: Video below to show you it's features and how to set it up and use it effectively 

Step 4 set up your cellphione to receive alerts - here is a site with the providors suffic

WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!  No don't blow this off!


Info Center Video

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