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The navigation on the website is actually very easy and logical although at first glance it may seem daunting.  Looking for a video?  Under the Learning tab is our video library.  You must have access rights to view the video.


Here is a video that will walk you through the site CLICK HERE 

Note: We are constantly working on the site so some things may have changed after this video was recorded.

7 Day Guest Pass

Traders have no access to the behind the scenes since your purpose is to sit in the live rooms (London and/or NY) and observe.  Your job is to decide if this is a place you might want to invest some time in.  Are we real?  Is this hype or actually the real deal.  Once you have made that decision to continue on you then opt for a free demo.


Demo traders have very limited access to pages but do have FULL access to the tutorials section and the Live Room to get you started.  The tutorials are only accessible to them for the 10 days of their trial.  Our Beginners page is accessible to these traders 24/7 and is not just for raw beginners - it is for beginning Forex TARGET TRADERS.

Log in to the live London and/or NY session training room is on the home page  - 7 Day Guest Pass and DEMO TRADERS go here EVERY DAY to get the new access (subscribers have the desktop  Info Center with  1 click login and never have to do this).

NOTE: TECH SUPPORT is available under SUPPORT/CONTACT NOT the Live Chat

There is access however, to most of the learning resources via 2 WebPages that all subscribers have access to.  These are located under the Learning or Training area and are:

Here is a screenshot of the navigation tab on the website.

Menu bar

  • HOME Our daily blog, all about us, our story, our giving, testimonials, awards etc.
  • SOFTWARE– Mostly related to software: about the charts and installation, ProAct Info Center Tool etc.
  • OUR APPROACH - Learn why we are different, what is our "trading style" and learn about our two major groups of traders
  • SUBSCRIBE- What levels of participation can I get involved in - charts only, charts and Live room, Fast Track Mentoring and a few broker links
  • TRAINING – Anything to do with training, training venues, CALENDAR.  Live room session recap and live training archives
  • LEARNING Here are learning AND  login pages that are accessible based on the trader level of participation with us. Subscribers access this area EVERY DAY.  
  • Tools – Any other tools external or built-in to the charts, free tools - this is where you learn about them
  • SUPPORT/CONTACT US – TECH SUPPORT contact instructions, Knowledge Base, general contact info, refer a friend

Here is a printable PDF of where things are CLICK HERE

Additionally there are TWO (2) private groups that operate within the overall framework of ProAct Traders.  They are:

  • Endeavor Group – traders who are struggling in their journey or are ready for more advanced techniques  -  Subscribers with LIVE ROOM subscription have this access.  
  • Fast Track Traders – a special PAID track for serious Forex Target Traders who want to accelerate their learning and collapse the time frame to becoming successful.  These Traders also have a private training session EACH Morning DURING the London and NY session.

So for most traders, you will find all you are looking for under the Learning or Training tabs above.


Why do some parts of the site have RED LINKS?

Access is via your current level of participation.  Once you try a demo the Tutorials and the NY Session Login access will open to you.


Training Tab

  1. Demo Traders login: Access to the Live Training room each day (London and NY Session). Once your website access is complet this open to you.
  2. Live Room Recap - a daily 10 minute video of what to look for in later sessions. Access is only for LIVE ROOM SUBSCRIBERS.


training navigation


Learning Tab

  1. Beginner Lessons: Open to all
  2. Level 2 Chart Subscribers: Advanced resources for chart subscribers only 
  3. Level 3 Live room subscribers:   Endeavor traders - Advanced traders weekly private lessons (recorded live)
  4. Level 4 Fast Track Traders:  only those with this membership have access - EXTREMELY ADVANCED LESSONS HERE 

learning navigation


Questions?  Use the contact us page

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My password won't work,  Can't get my demo to work,  Can't access the website.

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