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Forex Trading Setups

We have collected screenshots of the our 4 Forex Trading Setups  as well as the tools available to you so that you can see how well the ProAct charts depict:

  1. Harmony
  2. Momentum
  3. REALISTIC TARGETS or Exit Points

Don’t get lost in the “WOW, that is a lot”. Suffice it to say that these charts are very powerful and depict the above better then any charts on the planet. We have separate tutorials to teach you exactly how to use each trade setup whether you are a free demo trader or a live subscriber.

While these setups are amazing, the reality is that as you become a Target Trader, you will gradually wean yourself away from these setups and use them primarily to continue to stay in great winning trades.  The longer you stay with us the more you will be able to learn the technical analysis needed to identify the market structure, the real estate of the day, identification of the Wide Open Spaces.  Your trade will ultimately simply be a way to enter in that wide open space and then use the chart tools to help determine when to move your stop, scale out and scale in.

Forex Trading SetupsPowerful Forex Analysis Tools- A lot of special tools and standard tools to do your studies as well as the unique trade setups that are built in.  No longer do you need to tweak Stochastics, RVI's and MACD's etc. as the market changes.  Because we catch MOMENTUM entering the market and depict that visually, our setups NEVER need optimization!

Standard Tools:

Fibonacci Retracement Tool, Fibonacci Extension tool, Channel Tool, Linear Regression Tool, Andrews Pitchfork, Fibonacci Zones, Support and Resistance Zones, Tom Demark Single Line Trendlines built in

Proprietary Tools:


  1. HSI Fibonacci Target Tool
  2. T30 (automatically plots the grid based on the Pivot Point - fresh targets are calculated every day)
  3. Pat Projector (plots the 55 pip move from the Big Boys entry - progammable to show your stop)


RF1010 Trade Setup- a quick 25 pips multiple times per day -This live trade is the MOST popular setup we have with our traders.  Note in the screenshot below  that when both charts confirm the same move - it is easy to see! 

Click the icon below and it will open to a bigger look

You can watch a quick video on this setup to understand it here.


Wild Card Trade Setup- A continuation trade setup. The market has established a trend and we want every pulse of it - very simple rules to follow.  Note in the screenshot that when an arrow, painted neon candle and a white dot occur OUTSIDE of the moving averages, conditions are ripe for these explosive moves and you can catch them early in the move - not after the fact!

Click the icon below and it will open to a bigger look 

Wild Card Setup

There is a video on this setup Here

6 Aces - Reversals and Ranging trade setup. Used when no clear trend is in force or a trend is over.  The market ranges with no clear trend 70% of the time!  It takes more confirmation to trade these moves but there are great trades in these conditions. Only more advanced traders should trade them! 

Click the icon below and it will open to a bigger look

6 Aces Setup 

There is a video on this setup Here

Royal Flush - This trade setup starts out as the simplest trade setup we have called the RF1010. However, it can quickly mature into a great swing or position trade. The first part of the trade is to get you in for a quick 25 pips but if it continues to setup you can use it to keep you in a great trade for hundreds of pips. You start with a great entry and then have the confidence to take lots of pips as the rest of the trade sets up.

If you are an Elliott Wave fan - you will love the Royal Flush!

We have 2 sets of confirmer charts to help eliminate false starts and false breakouts. Notice the harmony shown by each individual chart (blue circles below).

Click the icon below and it will open to a bigger look

Royal Flush Setup

There is a video on this setup Here


"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."

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