Beginners Lessons

We have a special place in our hearts for beginners ...Why? All of us were beginners once. It all was so exciting, but so overwhelming at the same time. So... we have created a special home just for you.  

There are two types of beginners here:

1) Raw beginners brand new to the Forex-just starting out

2) Traders who have some trading knowledge but have not been successful (note: this could be 3-5 years of experience)


Brand New To Forex


1) "I am a raw beginner at Forex and trading -  I need something that tells me all the basics?"  
Ok, print this 39 page color PDF file and that will get you started:    


All beginning traders should watch these 2 videos:


trading is a business




Key Daily Times and Events in Foreign Currency Trading  Click Here


All Traders regardless of experience,  should review these short videos!

video Watch this 30 minute video on WHY YOU NEED TO BE A TARGET TRADER

(This was produced for a product launch so disregard the instructions in the video to go below).


video Here is an overview of our methodology  12:00


video Stops are for sissies-NOT! 13:00



videoSTOP IT!  

How to correct former bad trading habits video  click here  Bob Newhart comedy video- not trading but good lesson on how to stop bad habits.


6 Lessons to start Forex Target Trading!

This beginners track follows a proven curriculum that will fill in the gaps for you at this stage of your career. If you learn it right the first time, you will not create any bad habits that you have to break later. 


Here is our eBook Called the "4 things you have to know to trade the Forex".  It explains what you will learn in the lessons below.


Note: Most new traders watch each video below 3-4 times!


How to make the most of these lessons?  

Each lesson was recorded sequentially, so do them in order.  They are all under 30 minutes so they are "bite size". Watch the lesson and then practice doing it in the chart.  Then take the retention test before moving on.


BEST viewed Full screen!



LessonLesson 1 - Click here   NOTE:  pretty basic but it is only 24 min long

  • Explanation of how: pips, lots and margin accounts work
  • How to place a understand stops and limits
  • Realistic expectations
  • Differences between the 6 aces, 10 min WC, RF10/10, Regular RF.
  • Making sure everyone knows how to trade the RF10/10 and Pole

Lesson 1 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here

LessonLesson 2 - Click  here  27:27 Note:  this starts your journey as a beginning Forex Target Trader 

  • Harmony and momentum
  • Times to trade
  • T30's
  • Moving Averages
  • Trends -  Think you know trends?  Trends are hard - they look easy - most have been taught to do them wrong!

Bonus video:  How to really know the trend Click here

Lesson 2 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here

LessonLesson 3 -Click here  18.35

  • Review harmony and momentum
  • T3
  • PSR

Previous Support and Resistance Cheat Sheet Click here

Lesson 3 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here

Now that you have done lesson 3 the 4th lesson should make sense to you!


LessonLesson 4 - Click here 25.00

  • HSI's
  • Elliott Wave Basics (in the documents file in the NY Session is an Elliott Wave cheat sheet you can download for your files)
  • Fib retracement basics  Bonus Video here

Does the HSI really work click here

Lesson 4 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here

LessonLesson 5 - Click here 26:00

  • Divergence
  • Putting it all together - TFPD 

Lesson 5 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here

LessonLesson 6 - Click here    20:00

  • Applying what we know in the real world

Lesson 6 Retention Test  Open and print  Download here (PDF file)  Don't have a PDF reader download one here


BONUS LESSON:  Trade the WOS and Press Your winners


BONUS:  Here is a trade checklist to help you get started.

Can I really become a great trader?  Click here for how!

Q. What times should I be actively executing trades in the market?  

A. Overlapping markets only!  Manage trades in between markets.




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