We are within 100 pips of the 0.9847 top set in July 2008. This is also the confluence of the .618 fib extension as well. Will

see if the cross will take it out.  Buying on dips


AUDUSD update

Whew - missed that one completely.  Now at the .786 fibo.  If that holds look for the move down.  If not R4 is in the cards.


AUDUSD target

AUDUSD has broken south and since squared up.  Looking for the continuation south to 0.9457


Morning Room is down temporarily

Morning Room is down temporarily - We are working to get it back up asap.  Keep trying back


ProAct TradersTeam

What ProAct Traders sees in the Forex starting the week of Oct 3rd, 2010 –

U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls and Employment Situation report this week!


WHAT ProAct Traders SEE:  We have come up to the .270 fib extension which could be a key reversal area for the cross.  Still considerable risk that the .618 will get hit since it is within striking distance.  Key support  areas are 1.3575 and 1.3459.  Further targets at 1.3158 ( 0.382 fibo).




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$GBPUSD short on rally -

Cable retraced to the .786 fibo and had a strong reaction there.  Looking for continuation of that move to the 1.5775 area (trend line).   Further targets down are the 1.5728 and the 1.5693.



Ozzie still shows some downward pressure on the cross.  Look for a bponce at the 0.9657 (trend line) and a continuation to the R7 at 0.9761.  A break of the trend line targets the 0.618 fib (previous resistance) at 0.9565.


Swissie at extreme- shows little sign up stopping

Technicals still show downward pressure on the cross.  Look for a break to the 0.9704 and maybe to the 0.9573 (s6).



Currently the cross is at resistance @ 1.3467.  It appears to have topped out and looking for it to go to the bottom trendline around 1.3430.  This is a critical area - if it breaks look for the move down to the 1.3160.  If it cannot look for a double top at or near the 1.3511.