Adding Extra charts

I want to add an extra pair(s) to my charts 


Here's a video on how to do it - click HERE! 

I just want to change a chart I have to a different currency Click here!


PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not have sufficient resources (Plenty of Ram (4 gigs)) and no competing products like online backups or a nasty Antivirus program ( like Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky that screens every new candle etc.) every time you add a chart you are sucking down resources.

The Royal Flush has 7 chart screens and each one is loading 5,000 candles or 35,000 additional candles that must be managed by your PC not counting the lines that you put on them for every new RF chart that you create!  This is why some Anti-virus/ Firewalls can stop this - it thinks 35,000 pieces of viruses are streaming into your PC.

Only Chart subscribers can add charts!  


How to personalize your charts - click HERE!



Here are files with all the pages at various monitor resolutions

If you want your charts to match mine, you will need to remove all the 6 aces (comes standard on the majors). You can delete any chart you don’t want by use the Delete button under Page. I don't trade the 6 Aces setup typically, so it is not part of what I do, BUT...IF you have enough RAM ( 10 MEGS) you can keep them.  the 6 aces is a great reversal setup (1st rejections, tops and bottoms and bounce trades). Export a 4 decimal RF and name it 4 decimal. Export a 2 decimal RF and name it 2 decimal ( all yen crosses are 2 decimal).  You can now import them back one at a time in the order that I have on my charts and it makes it easier to follow.  Here is the order I have mine in - click graphic below to enlarge then hit esc to return:


They are ZIP files




Wild Card Screen to make the USDX trio: Click here 



(1920x1080 only - you can manually resize if your resolution is smaller)

6 Aces Majors (9 pairs)

6 Aces Exotics (11 pairs)

Package icon 6 Aces 4 decimal  + 6 Aces 2 decimal