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ProAct Traders has the most AMAZING Forex Trading Software is you have ever seen and a free Forex Target Training Protocol for both new and experienced traders using time-tested proven methodologies that consistently create high probability trading returns.  We are Forex TARGET TRADERS and we look for high probability setup entries with realistic targets that we can find on our charts and DON'T CLICK OUT FOR 5 PIPS!

The Forex Trading Software comes pre-loaded with all the setups ranging, trending and reversing markets already defined.   We are a complete trading system and you are able to grow from basic trade setups all the way to advanced as your skill level increases.  Our subscribers also have access to a wide variety of training materials and sessions with experienced traders.  Whether you're a new trader or have 10 years of experience, we're committed to your growth as a trader.

We are Target Traders - that means we DO NOT SCALP!  Traders must be 90% correct to be successful over the long haul if they are scalping 5,8,12,15 pips.  Traders who learn to trade for 55 pips or more only need to be right 40% of the time.  So we have tools on our charts and a methodology that allows us to find the bigger targets and the wide open spaces where the greatest opportunity for profit is, with the least amount of risk.

We have one trade Newbie setup (The Pole Trade setup) that may occur multiple times each session across multiple currencies that you can't live without.  This trade setup is designed for traders new to Target Trading.  We  have a live training session every day except Friday in the London and New York session to demonstrate the power of our charting system and methodology over and over again.  You will see traders in our live rooms capture literally hundreds of pips and yes they are real people.  In the Forex, you need an edge and we have it!  

Charting Software

Why is our charting software so good?  Because it is Forex trading software created FOR traders BY traders!  With built-in trade Setups for all types of markets (Ranging , Reversing and Trending), built-in Forex target tools to "Let your winners run" and great entry setups it is no wonder we have won awards.  You start there but as your knowledge increases you won't need those beginning trade setups because you can actually learn to trade with the Big Boys ( and they do not trade for 5-8 pips, don't use lagging indicators and they trade PRICE ACTION).  You can learn it with us daily.  Most traders say they learned more in the first two weeks with us then they have in the last 2 years.

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ProAct Traders specific methodology
We are a rules based award winning methodology that incorporates the time tested strategies of technical analysis.  Take just 12 minutes to watch this short video which details our specific methodology.  Click here.

Better Business Bureau

ProAct Traders Better Business Bureau Rating
We are the real deal with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Our Evolution

ProAct Traders began in 2003 as a trading group.  We started like most traders, in that we learned to scalp, follow indictors and use a moving average crossover system.  We failed miserably! That was how ProAct Traders started down the path of a complete system for any trader.  You can read our whole story HERE!

Why choose ProAct Traders

We are a one stop for all your Forex needs except we are NOT a Broker.  That is a good thing.

What we offer

World Class Education
We believe in continuing education to further sharpen your skills as you learn*.FREE beginners Forex training in an online library
Online Trading Community
Every day in the London and New York Session we are live in the Forex market.  Traders gather from all over the world to learn and share in
Award Winning Charting
Top Financial BlogProAct Traders was awarded a prestigious award as one of the top financial blogs in the world (we were #56) in 2016.

Our advantages

World Class Forex Training
There are lots of ways to progress at ProAct Traders.  Traders can choice the path the best fits their time, budget and short term and long term goals.Self Directed PathOver 200 tutorials
Online Community
All live room subscribers not only get the greatest charts in the world but the ability to directly peak with a live trader/mentor in the London and New York Sessions.  This means you join
Award Winning Charting
Our Award winning Forex Trading Software is cutting edge Forex technology.  Built -in setups, target tools and rules based entries and exits to give you an edge in trading.  Forex Software