Since 2004 we have been training traders using our tried and true technical analysis methodology. Validated by thousands of our student traders around the world, our traders capture thousands of pips annually – all documented in our live training room.
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You will have access to live interactive coaching with professional traders in both the London and the New York sessions. Our goal is to give you a clear path for setting up your trading business, developing your trading skills, and achieving your trading goals.

Live Forex Target Trading

Live Trading in the Forex? Want to watch a Forex trader trade our software and methodology to the targets? We are not afraid to do that! Sign up for a one day guest pass in our Monday through Thursday Live Forex NY Session Training Room. This is a service for our Live Room Subscribers but we'd love for you to stop in - It's Free!  Better yet -  get a guest pass for 7 days!

Forex Trading Software With An Edge

Find out why our Forex trading software system is different than any other Forex company on the planet. We have a distinct advantage with our Forex trading software, live forex education and our rules based Forex target trading strategies. In the Forex, you need an edge, and we have it. Don't miss it - click now!

Award Winning Software

Our Award winning Forex Trading Software is cutting edge Forex technology.  Built -in setups, target tools and rules based entries and exits to give you an edge in trading.  Forex Software designed to Target Trade and the resources to get you where you want to go. Check out our awards!

Our Forex Methodology

Most traders learn to grab 5-8 pips and learning this method sets them up to have to be right 90% of the time! There is a better way!  Here is a short 12 minute overview video explaining our proprietary methodology to help you overcome this emotional trading trap.

Live Forex Coaching

Over 200 training tutorials, beginners lessons as well as live advanced training Monday evening (NY time). Live training rooms with interactive coaching with a professional trader in both the London and the New York session. Mentorship is also available.

What We Are Not

  • We are NOT a get rich quick scheme!
  • We are NOT a junkie trading robot!
  • We are NOT for Indicator Junkies!
  • We are NOT scalpers!

What We are:

  • Target traders looking for 55-500 pips per trade with software to assist that goal
  • A long term home for traders (many have been with us since 2004) to learn to Target Trade
  • A system that will grow a trader from beginner to advanced
  • Interactive live training with a professional trader and winning traders
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Once you are done with a 7 day test drive you might want to take a free 10 day charting software demo.  Wow, that will give you 17 days in a live room with no cost.  You'll still have access to both the London and New York session live rooms with an experienced trader and will now access to tons of free training tutorials as well as our 6 beginning Target Traders videos.  Take the plunge and start your Forex Target trading journey now!

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